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Demo Version Demo Version/ Full Install
Click the icon on the left to download the demo version of PawnShop. You can also use this to reinstall the latest version of the program and then restore your backup if you are moving to a new machine. This is the full install and is limited only in the number of clients and contracts you can enter.
Version 2.38; Size: 14,085 KB
Important note for Vista/Windows 7 users: You should install the software to the C:\Users\Public\PawnShop folder if the installer does not use this folder by default.
Latest Patch Latest Patch
Click the icon on the left to download the latest patch for PawnShop. Windows 7/Vista users MUST have at least v2.24 installed BEFORE using this patch. You MUST backup your database before using this update. For older version patches, contact Flyware.
Version: 2.38; Size: 6,250 KB. See What's New for 2.38
Latest Manual Latest Manual (PDF)
Click the icon on the left to view the latest manual. Right mouse click and choose Save Target As to download it. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it from Adobe. Click here to go to Adobe's download page for the viewer.
Version: 2.25; Size: 1,228 KB
Database Restorer Database Restorer
This program will allow you to restore a PawnShop backup without actually starting the program itself. This is useful for when you have a corrupt database and wish to restore a backup from a different source than your normal backups.
You must have at least v2.14 of PawnShop installed to use this program.
Version: 2.14; Size: 32 KB

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